How to Cheat With Respondus Lockdown Browser

How to Cheat With Respondus Lockdown Browser

Due to the distant nature of education with the advent of Covid-19 and the necessity to preserve efficiency in the academic context, schools sought to modify the learning process. Even if most of learning now takes place at home, the new method maintains a classroom-like environment in which kids do not breach the rules. Respondus Lockdown Browser, which has become the most realistic solution for maintaining academic integrity, is one of the factors that help prevent students from cheating.

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a specialized browser that monitors, manages, and accounts for the activity inside a particular remote learning environment. Since putting up this bespoke browser, the academic system has found that it has become a very trustworthy method for securing online examinations, tests, and other online class evaluations.

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What is Lockdown Browser?

Lockdown Browser is a custom-built, secure browser that prevents access to exam and test violations in a testing environment.

The browser uses a camera or webcam to capture all computer activity during an exam without monitoring student activities. It does this by capturing the screen activity of students throughout the test session.

This education system has embraced the browser as an effective means of controlling online school activities for many academic systems that use either fully remote classrooms or a hybrid approach.

How to Cheat on Lockdown Browser

Using a lockdown browser during examinations results in your professor monitoring your activity through a camera, which is often considered intrusive. To cheat on an online proctored test, you must possess some ICT knowledge since it facilitates the procedure.

Using ALT + tab is one of the most well-known procedures. It changes the browser window. You may simply spam the alt-left and alt-right to get access to the material you need for your test or exam without your lecturer noticing.

How to Hack Lockdown Browser

How to hack the lockdown browser is a question on the minds of many students since it allows them to take online tests without being watched.

This bypass may be executed in various methods, most of which are difficult for college and high school students. Hence, here are some simple methods for hacking the browser. Connecting your mobile device to an OTG port and your mouse allows you to navigate your mobile device as desired. Ensure you're on a 4G network and not Wi-Fi while using this method to secure your online presence and avoid having your IP address traced since this would constitute a breach of privacy that might be grounds for legal action. Use a 4G or 5G network service instead of Wi-Fi while using a lockdown browser to cheat.

Lockdown Browser Cheat

Lockdown Browser Cheat controls questionable online behaviors during proctored exams using screen-sharing, screen capture, and window tracks. Nonetheless, students have devised techniques for manipulating the browser, which are part of the Lockdown Browser cheating process.

Respondus Lockdown Browser Bypass

Respondus has been a pioneer in online testing for an extended time, making it difficult for students to commit exam fraud. There are still several methods for students to circumvent this browser when taking online examinations. Bypassing your Respondus Lockdown Browser necessitates utilizing dependable ICT strategies that might be used to adjust the amount of surveillance throughout any online evaluation.

Using ALT+Tab, Desktops.exe, an external device, a virtual computer, or the second user account on a Mac are some techniques to circumvent the browser. Using these tactics correctly, you can concurrently modify the browser without putting yourself in danger. Additional information is below:

How to Cheat with Respondus Lockdown Browser

You may circumvent the Respondus Lockdown Browser with relative ease if you use the proper method. Even though test cheating is discouraged, most students sometimes need the additional exam privilege, particularly given how frantic studying has become with the advent of Covid.

There are many trustworthy and efficient methods to cheat with your Respondus Lockdown browser; the following is a walkthrough of some of them.

Use the ALT+Tab method: Many students favor ALT+Tab since it is considered the most dependable and straightforward cheating method. Press the ALT and Tab buttons for an extended period on your Computer. When done correctly, you may browse the material you need to pass your online examinations by navigating to the right and left.

Usage Desktop.exe: The Desktop.exe program divides your desktop display into four virtual desktops. On these many desktops, it is simple to execute different applications. Notably, this Respondus Lockdown Browser works well on Windows-based operating systems. The program partitions the computers so that you may circumvent the MAP testing lockout.

Utilize a different mobile device: Most students find it simpler and more convenient to use a different mobile device as opposed to all of the above procedures. Use this if you find any of the previously described procedures challenging. Just place your mobile phone underneath your desktop and connect it to an On The Go adapter, which is then connected to a mouse.

Utilizing a virtual computer is considered to be the safest option for pupils. Using the virtual machine, you may run as many programs as possible on the same desktop. This allows the desktop or Computer to simultaneously run several operating systems. So many virtual machines are accessible nowadays, with Oracle VM and Microsoft Dreamspark being two of the most well-known. When the program is installed and the registry is modified, it begins to operate as efficiently as a genuine system.

Use a New User Account on Mac: This solution is appropriate solely for Mac users taking online tests using the Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor. Check out the following instructions: Steps to follow to become a new user on Mac PC


Create a brand-new user profile on your Mac, being sure to choose a password that is secure yet simple enough that you won't forget it.

Discover Keyboard Maestro Editor Software and install it on your PC.

Moreover, you may easily create a command or Macro to toggle between various user profiles.

To do so, choose the user icon from the toolbar, then go to Macro, and finally, to Record Macro. You may create a new user from there by selecting the corresponding button.

After you've done this, switching between users on your Respondus Lockdown Browser will be enabled, allowing you to cheat.

How to Beat Respondus Lockdown Browser

To ensure that you have access to everything you need while taking your online test, we recommend installing the Hmh lockdown function into your Respondus Lockdown Browser. The modified browser secures the testing environment, which strictly monitors all activity throughout the allotted testing time.

Many of the methods that used to work to get through a lockdown browser won't be available to you today, at least not while you're testing the browser. Yet, you may still get around the Respondus Lockdown Browser and get the supplementary data you need without raising suspicion.

Can I Capture Audio When Using the Respondus Lockdown Browser?

The Respondus Lockdown Browser is not intended for broad home monitoring but for monitoring activities inside a testing environment. This implies that until the exam is administered orally, the Respondus Lockdown Browser does not keep tabs on students' online behavior or record their voices unless they explicitly consent to it. Although many test proctoring software packages include a software camera, this feature simply captures the student's screen and does not capture any audio.

Respondus: A Lockdown Browser for Cheaters with a Built-In Camera Tutorial


Even though the camera on your Respondus Lockdown Browser is there to enable your professor or whoever is grading your online tests to maintain tabs on your actions, you can simply hide from it, make it seem like you're still being watched, and access whatever you need. The easiest and safest method to do this is to set up two separate user profiles on your Computer.

Using a virtual computer that allows you to be in many locations simultaneously is often considered the best method to do this. A Windows 10 image and an Oracle box on a virtual machine will be necessary. You can't just use these items to get through the blockade but also to stay hidden and undetected.

Can I trust Lockdown Browser since it doesn't record my activity?

Lockdown Browser's only substantial function is to keep an eye on your online evaluation while it is being completed. Since it's an invasion of privacy, the browser has no business keeping track of what kids do in their personal time. Students cannot access any other programs or the internet while taking the exam since the Computer will only record the actions they do while taking the test itself. As a reminder that you are currently being observed while completing an examination, a recording symbol will display on the screen during this time.

How well do you know Lockdown Browser?

Numerous students have voiced concerns about using the lockdown browser during tests; among these concerns is the possibility that their exam progress is being watched or observed. With the lockdown Browser, the person on the other end of the camera can only see what's happening on their screen rather of what's happening in front of them.

To prevent invading the user's privacy, Lockdown Browser hides the user's screen while it is in use. While the lockdown browser does not actively market such capabilities, several experts have noted that using one that monitors and watches you while you take your exam is prohibited.

Is there a way to bypass Windows 10's Lockdown browser?

In particular, Windows 10 is a great platform for testing your Respondus Lockdown Browser workaround. If you're using Windows 10, you'll need to utilize a virtual machine to trick the Lockdown browser into thinking it's a real person, allowing you to bypass its security measures. Just type "Windows media production tool" into Google, click on the first result, then install the program. When the program is installed, a second operating system file may be made for a virtual computer, allowing you to view your Computer's data independently of the Lockdown Browser.

Having Difficulty With Cheating On Your Exams?

As 75% of education has moved online, many students have been looking for methods to bypass the Lockdown Browser and get unauthorized access to formerly restricted materials. As long as you keep these things in mind, using a web browser shouldn't do you any harm. When in doubt about cheating on exams and assignments for your online course, consider hiring a professional agency to assist you. You can WhatsApp Us for help

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