Practice for the TEAS the Best Way

Practice for the TEAS the Best Way

How to Study Effectively

Not only should you devote ample time to studying for the TEAS, but you should also ensure that you are studying in the most effective manner during that time.

How can you determine whether your study time is productive? Taking a free TEAS practice test is one of the best methods to ensure that your time is utilized efficiently. Practice exams enable you to gauge your readiness for the real exam.

Taking a TEAS sample test will also reveal your weakest areas, allowing you to focus your study efforts accordingly.

After completing a TEAS practice exam, consider the following questions.

•      What questions did I overlook on the TEAS?

•      Were there queries I was apprehensive of, but answered correctly?

•      Which queries were most difficult to comprehend and time-consuming?

When you ask yourself these questions, you will discover the areas in which you struggle the most, allowing you to devote more study time to those areas. You may also find it useful to identify the reasons why you labored with particular queries. Did you find the material difficult to understand? Were you unfamiliar with the meanings of some of the words? Should you spend more time practicing a particular form of TEAS question in order to familiarize yourself with it and increase your speed? As you continue to study the material, make a concerted effort to use these questions to identify any gaps.

Response Explanations

TEAS practice exams frequently include sections that elaborate on each answer option. These are called answer justifications or answer explanations. While this is a wonderful source of additional information, be careful not to skim the explanation and presume that you fully comprehend the concept because it makes sense. It is possible that the explanation only elaborates on a small portion of a vast topic; therefore, you should review and investigate each topic that the query references until you have a firm comprehension of it.

Understand Each Subject

In addition to ensuring that you have a comprehensive comprehension of each topic, the TEAS practice test is simply practice. If you attempt to memorize the sample TEAS questions, you may be making things more difficult for yourself.

If you only know the correct answers on the practice test without understanding why each answer is correct, you may not perform as well as you hoped. Study each concept until you have a firm grasp of it. This is the most effective method to ensure success on the actual TEAS exam.

Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed

Try not to overburden yourself while studying. This can be discouraging if you take a practice test without first reviewing the study material.

Practice exams are intended to be taken after you have diligently studied and are ready to assess your ability to recall the material.

On the day of the actual TEAS examination, you will be expected to be able to answer TEAS questions, to have mastered test-taking time management, and to implement all of the taught strategies. This is a lofty expectation.

Remember that you are not only preparing for a one-time test, but also for your long-term future. Consequently, be careful to moderate yourself.

Additional TEAS Practice Materials

As you prepare, it may be beneficial to utilize a variety of study resources. Mometrix provides the necessary assistance. There are links to TEAS practice exams, study guides, flashcards, and more at the top of this page. Additionally, we provide a number of videos that further elucidate complex topics. Here you can view our TEAS study guide videos.

TEAS Online Preparation Course

Mometrix provides an online TEAS Prep Course for those who wish to be completely ready. The course is designed to provide you with any and all study resources you may need. • 106 Lessons Covering Every Topic • Over 2,000 TEAS Practice Questions • 180+ Video Tutorials • 311 Electronic Flashcards • Audio Mode for Every Lesson • Money-Back Guarantee • Easy Mobile Access • and More!

The course is designed to provide any student with everything necessary to prepare for the TEAS examination. Check it out by clicking below!

TEAS Exercise Techniques

As you begin taking practice exams, try using the following techniques:

Remove Restrictions. Try taking the TEAS practice test without a time limit, with your notes open, and while holding the TEAS study guide. Attempt not to rely on these resources, but keep them accessible.

Take Your Time. When you take the second practice test, use the same materials, but time yourself to learn how to pace yourself.

Simulate Test Day. After completing the first two TEAS practice tests, treat each subsequent test as if it were test day. Time yourself, eradicate all external resources, sit at a desk, and pose as though you are in the actual assessment facility. Answer the questions accurately and in a timely manner as best you can.

Continue practicing. After you have completed your simulation of test day, continue to practice. On test day, you will feel more secure and confident the more you practice.


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the exam, which will help you prepare for it.

Do I need to bring along a calculator?

No, you will receive a four-function calculator if you are taking a test in person. If you are taking the computerized version of the examination, a drop-down calculator will be included.

How is the TEAS score determined?

The good news is that there is no established method to "pass" the TEAS. Because the exam is used solely as an evaluation instrument to determine how well you will be able to manage nursing school curriculum, it is ultimately up to the programs to which you intend to apply to determine what constitutes "passing" the exam. You will have access to your test results within forty-eight hours of the test date. Currently, the TEAS scores are divided into sections. Each question category and test segment has its own score, in addition to a total score comprised of your scores on the test sections. Once your scores are published, they will be sent to the nursing program of your choosing.Total Content AreaSubject Area Coverage0%-100% 0%-100%

Transformative comparabilityi✔ ✘

Calculation ProcedureCorrectly answered percentage of questions, adjusted for question difficulty*Total and Content Area scores are adjusted to account for differences between forms (different versions of the TEAS examination).

When will I receive my TEAS score?

Depending on the institution, you will typically obtain your TEAS scores immediately after completing the examination. In certain instances, you will obtain your scores 48 hours after completing an examination. Contact the school or testing center to learn what permissions they offer.

How long will institutions continue to recognize my ATI TEAS 6 score?

Because TEAS 6 and TEAS 7 exam scores are equivalent, institutions are just as likely to accept your TEAS 6 score as they are to accept your TEAS 7 score. In other words, if you have already taken the TEAS 6 you should not be required to take the TEAS 7. Contact your school's administration for the most accurate information; they will provide you with all the necessary details.

How long will the TEAS 6 be available for purchase?

The TEAS Version 6 examination will be accessible until June 3, 2022, when all institutions and assessment centers will implement the TEAS Version 7 examination. The TEAS 6 will no longer be accessible online or in-person after June 3, 2022.

What does the TEAS exam cost?

If you achieve or exceed the score your institution requires, congratulations! You have the option to retake the exam if your performance falls below expectations. This will cost the same as the initial exam, which ranged from $60 to $140 depending on the location. You may be required to pay an additional fee for sending your scores to additional institutions. Please bear in mind that certain programs may limit the number of retakes allowed.

How many times am I permitted to take the TEAS?

The number of times you can take the TEAS exam is contingent on the institution's requirements. On average, you may take the examination three times per year. How long you must wait between test attempts will also depend on the institution's regulations.

How do I prepare for the Version 7 ATI TEAS?

Whether this is your first time taking the exam or one of many, we aim to provide you with the resources you need to study to the best of your abilities. This is why we have compiled comprehensive preparation tools, such as the online TEAS Prep Course, the TEAS test study guide, and the TEAS flashcards. Mometrix Test Preparation cares about your success and wants you to advance toward your ideal nursing career.


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