How to Cheat PSI Secure Browser Online

How to Cheat PSI Secure Browser Online

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You may be asking if there is any way to bypass a PSI-protected web browser. If you know what you're doing, it's really not that hard. To begin, you must understand how the PSI secure browser functions. This service works by having the user enter the URL of a website within the browser, at which point the service determines whether or not the site in question should be visited.

You will not pass if you do not know how to circumvent the PSI secure browser. How to avoid the programme and improve your results is what this post is all about.

How the PSI secure browser Works

Get a sense for the inner workings and possibilities of this proctoring test browser by learning about its application in a variety of pedagogical settings. Canvas and Blackboard are two of the most popular options for online schools today.

Let's see how the browser performs in both of these areas right now. We'll look into how to get it set up and running on all of the different operating systems.

PSI Secure Browser Embedded in Canvas

The PSI secure browser is used by both students and faculty. Teachers and students alike use the PSI secure browser to give and take exams. Instructors may easily incorporate the PSI safe browser into Canvas by following these steps:

  1. Open Canvas and head to the "Course" menu.
  2. When the drop-down option opens, choose Preferences.
  3. Select "Navigation" from the main menu.
  4. In the bottom of the display, you will see a list. Find the icon for your restricted browser to make navigation adjustments for your course.
  5. The on/off switch requires a mouse click. The PSI secure browser will thereafter be prioritised as the best security browser option.
  6. The PSI secure browser may be relocated wherever you choose inside the course Navigation.
PSI secure browser PSI secure browser Functionality

Teachers can choose Canvas quizzes that employ the PSI secure browser PSI secure browser in one of two ways:

  1. Selecting PSI secure browser from the Learning Tools menu.
  2. Discover the tests by browsing the list and selecting the corresponding icon to the left of the test’s name.
  3. To take this test, please use the PSI secure browser PSI secure browser.
  4. Canvas won’t let students see their results immediately after finishing the quiz if the option to “Require PSI secure Browser to view feedback results” is activated.
  5. Once you’re done, select “Save and Close.”

The following are the procedures for using the PSI secure browser PSI secure browser:

  1. Get your device’s PSI secure browser going.
  2. When asked, it terminates any blocked applications.
  3. Canvas courses are accessed via a user ID and password that students create.
  4. Choose the Quiz option and proceed to the quiz page.
  5. If a webcam is needed for recording, the student will be given instructions to follow at the outset that will walk them through checking the webcam and any other prerequisites set by the teacher.
  6. The pupils may now begin the examination. The student must complete the quiz and submit it before the deadline expires.

Integrating PSI secure browser into Blackboard

To administer a test in a secure environment on Blackboard, teachers can use the PSI secure browser PSI secure browser.

  1. Enter the Blackboard system.
  2. Log in to the class where the exam is located.
  3. Click “Course Tools” on the left side of the panel to access various instructional resources.
  4. Follow the prompts to lock down your browser by selecting the PSI secure browser button.
  5. All of the exams for this class will be listed here. Select “Settings” from the test’s drop-down menu if you want to employ PSI secure browser Lockdown.
  6. Turn on “Require PSI secure browser PSI secure browser for this exam.”
  7. To facilitate the use of external websites in examinations, permission to access these sites is requested. The software Zoom is an illustration of this type.
  8. Verify the PSI secure browser Monitor and any other settings you may have missed.
  9. To permanently store your new preferences, simply click Save and close.


How to Cheat on PSI secure browser

Here are a few sneaky ways to circumvent PSI secure browser PSI secure browser’s restrictions:

Input ALT+Tab

Simply hitting Alt and Tab at the same time will allow you to quickly navigate between windows. The word "alt" generally conjures up an image of a large green button depicting an A. This button is on your keyboard, and it's often located in the upper left (just above the space bar).

Use Another Device

If neither of those options proves effective, you can always resort to a third option. You can get to the information you need to answer the questions and do the assignments on any computer, even a mobile one. Generally speaking, a smartphone is your best bet. Put your phone down next to your screen and go to work. Once connected, the phone may be used as a study aid before, during, and after the exam.

Use a Virtual Machine

You need a virtual computer to bypass the PSI security checks in the secure browser. A virtual machine is a piece of software that simulates a computer on your local workstation. This setup allows you to use another OS, or perhaps numerous OSes, simultaneously.

During programme download and installation, be careful to manually edit the registry if necessary. Doing so will allow it to perform like a well-oiled machine. Once that's taken care of, you may kick back while the exams or quizzes are still running and enjoy the trouble-free service.

Use Desktops.exe

Accessing the desktop of another machine is as simple as downloading a programme called Desktops.exe. This software allows the user to access the desktop and run programmes on a distant computer. While using PSI's secure browser, you can use this function to get access to your files.

A Second MAC User

If you’re using a Mac, there’s a better way to do it. Using the PSI secure browser PSI secure browser, this strategy is effective for students using Mac computers to take online exams. Although the instructions are lengthy, success can be achieved by sticking them to the letter. Here are the measures to take:

  • Create a brand-new user account on your MacThe newly formed user needs a secure password. The password needs to be both simple and robust to be effective.
  • Use a program called Keyboard Maestro Editor.
  • Create a Macro that will allow you to toggle between the two users quickly. All it takes is a click of the View tab to accomplish this. Follow that up by selecting Macro and then Record Macro.
  • Give your new Macro a name, and click the button to activate it. PSI secure browser PSI secure browser allows you to switch between users throughout an exam.
Does PSI secure browser Record your Screen?

Yes, it does. It also stores information from the cameras and microphones. PSI secure browser Monitor will automatically record both video and sound. Any online tests that need the PSI secure browser software will be communicated to you by your instructor. 

How to Cheat on an Online Proctored Exam


Impersonation occurs when a student recruits someone to take an examination on their behalf. Students give their login information to the imposter in advance of the exams. Depending on the program, you may need different credentials to log in.

Conventional Wisdom

This can be using sticky notes, using your palms to take notes, or even communicating with other students using sign language. Online proctored exams are vulnerable to these strategies, but remote proctoring can detect and prevent them.

High-End Hardware and Software

Some use high-end electronics and computer programs to fake their way through online proctored tests. Some students have devised ingenious uses of software and technology to trick the system.

Does PSI secure browser Track Eye Movement?

As you use the PSI secure browser PSI secure browser, it will track your eye movements. Before beginning the exam or test session, students must have their camera set up so that it captures their entire face, eyes and all.

Main Features of a PSI secure browser

The main features of a PSI secure browser are listed as follows:

Access Controls/Permissions

PSI secure browser allows users to control what web content can be viewed by other users. This can be done by using different levels of access controls such as white list, black list or user-defined policies. A PSI secure browser can also limit the applications installed on your computers, such as music players and games, so employees don’t use them during work hours.

Activity Dashboard

The Activity Dashboard provides a detailed overview of all browsing activity performed by each user account on your PC. You can see which sites were visited, when they were visited, how long they were visited, and more detailed statistics about each site.

Assessment Management

The assessment management feature allows administrators to collect assessments from students and teachers. It also lets them track their progress and see if they are meeting their goals.

Learning Management

Learning management systems (LMS) is a software application that supports education delivery to students and employees. LMSes facilitate the administration of training programs, track student progress, and report results.

Lock Down

Lock Down is a feature that lets you lock your phone to a single app. You can use it to protect your privacy and restrict access to only your chosen apps.

Online Tests

It allows users to take online tests in a secure environment that prevents the test from being accessed by other software on their computer or anyone else (including hackers). Click here if you want to generate a thesis statement for your college paper.

Third-Party Integrations

PSI secure browsers use third-party integrations to block specific websites or applications. These integrations allow PSI secure browsers to block specific applications or websites on a computer system. For example, it can prevent users from using Skype or Google Chrome while using other computer programs. Tools you can integrate include:

CANVAS is an AI-powered digital assistant that helps you manage your time, productivity and tasks. It works with the PSI secure browser to bring a new level of security and productivity to digital collaboration. Integrating CANVAS with the PSI secure browser will automatically block all other browsers on your device except for the PSI secure browser.

Moodle allows teachers to lock down their classes and conduct the class in a safe and secure environment. It blocks all unnecessary websites, thus allowing teachers to provide a better learning experience for their students.

The Schoology PSI secure browser integration allows teachers to create content within Schoology and then embed it into their PSI secure browser.

PSI secure browser: Reasons to Use It  

It Secures the Testing Set

With PSI secure browser, taking an online test will not result in digital cheating. Everything is locked down so that students cannot print, copy, or access another website until the exam is submitted for grading.

Syncs Up With your Learning Management System

PSI secure browser is compatible with virtually every LMS on the market, including Blackboard Learn (Original and Ultra), Brightspace, Canvas (Classic and New Quizzes), Moodle, and Schoology.

Prevents the User from Changing Applications

When used in class, PSI secure browser prevents students from navigating away from the required website. The inability to use the internet means they cannot look at class notes, research, check email or use IM, among other things.

Provides Security for Test Questions

Students commonly duplicate, share, and print examinations even though teachers invest considerable work into creating them. PSI secure browser prevents students from copying and pasting exam questions and using screen capture software by shutting down the browser.

Boosts Trust in Web-Based Exams

For fear of students cheating, several teachers are wary about giving exams online. Because with PSI secure browser, teachers may feel safe utilizing online testing.

Linux, ChromeOS, and Android

PSI secure browser is cross-platform, working on computers running Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and iOS. This paves the way for students to utilize their favourite gadgets during tests.

Simple to Implement and Control

With a few mouse clicks, teachers can mandate that students take exams using PSI secure browser without leaving the LMS. Students can quickly and easily install PSI secure browser and then use the browser to take a test.

Training Resources

PSI secure browser includes a wealth of ready-to-use tools, such as example videos, making rollout to faculty and students a breeze. Additionally, you can access free educational webinars.

Bottom Line

Whatever your reasons for wanting to cheat on this online quiz, it’s up to you, but keep in mind that there is no way to ensure an accurate or correct score. These tips by TakeMyTeasPro will help you level the playing field ever so slightly and, hopefully, help you gain a better insight on the topic matter during your test period. 

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